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Toro has decoder and multi wire irrigation controllers.They are :

Golf & Sports Turf -

Toro Sentinel Control Systems: This powerful, yet simple-to-use software is ideal for large sites such as cities, business parks and school districts as it allows a user to control up to 999 field satellites from a remote location with a desktop or laptop computer.

Then Site Pro Control System Designed by Toro, built by Toro, supported by Toro. SitePro is the most widely used central control system in the golf course industry. SitePro gives you the features you need and the options you want. With SitePro, your control system can be customised to meet the needs of your specific course. SitePro has what it takes to dependably manage even the most demanding course - yours!

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Mains powered controllers start with the TMC 212 (from 2 to 12 stations) & the TMC 424E (from 4 to 24 stations)

For battery powered controllers Toro has the DDC (2, 4, 6 &8 stations).