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Rain Bird Eagle 550 Series RotorRain Bird Eagle 550 Series Rotor

The Rain Bird 550 Eagle part circle sprinkler is ideal for small greens, green surounds or large tee areas on the golf course.

Throw: 10.1m (33ft) to 14.9m (47ft)

Warranty: 5 Years (when installed with a Rain Bird® swing joint)
Arcs: Adjustable 30 to 345 degrees

Nozzles: Needs to be selected when ordering

Options: Electric-Valve-In-Head (E), Stopamatic (S) or Small flanged (B)

Connection: 1 1/4" female ACME thread for all models except " model B" which has a 1" female BSP thread

DISCONTINUED. Superseded by the Rain Bird Eagle 351B

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