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Rain Bird sprinklers cover the complete range required for the sports turf and landscape markets. For more information, click on the link (marked in blue) and go to the web-page. They are :

Golf Course Irrigation -

Rain Bird have the Eagle Range of sprinklers from the Eagle 950 & Eagle 900 (19.2m to 28m) for the large greens or single row fairways, the new Eagle 751 & Eagle 700 (16.8m to 25m) for the standard size green /fairway or the Eagle 550 & Eagle 500 (10.3m to 14.9m) for the small greens / approaches and the 351B (5.5m to 17 m) for tee complexes.

All the Eagle range of sprinklers excluding the 351B have the option for valve-in-head (which can be run from the new Rain Bird new IC Control system) or all the sprinklers can operate on block control.

For sites with high winds, Rain Bird Wind tolerant nozzles for the Eagle 751 offers ultimate performance in the harsher environments.

Sports Pitch and Large Turf Irrigation -

8005 Sprinkler (16.1m to 24.7m), 6504 Sprinkler (11.3m to 19.8m) & 5500 Sprinkler (10.1m to 16.8m), built to withstand harsh conditions of the sports pitch.

With the 6504 sprinkler and 8005 sprinkler being approved by the French & Swiss FA for installation on a playing surface they are the ultimate sprinkler for infield watering.

Landscape Irrigation -

There are two main categories of sprinklers for Landscape. The first is pop-up sprinklers which are generally located in the turf areas and then micro sprinklers / drip line which are normally located in flower-beds.

Rain Bird's pop-up sprinklers for landscape are, 5004 Series Rotors (7.6m to 15.2m), 3504 Series (4.6m to 10.7m), 1800 Series and the Uni Spay Pop-Up Series, which both can have nozzles fitted that will offer 0.5m to 9.2m throw.

For flower-beds & planters are generally watered with Micro Spray (03m to 3m), Micro Spinners (03m to 3.5m) & drippers. All offers a low cost solution that can be connected to your mains water supply (please check your local Water Regulations)

For pots and hanging baskets Drippers are ideal and Drip Line for hedges and bushes.