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Rain Bird has the most comprehensive range of irrigation controllers and are simple to operate. They are :

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Rain Bird Central Control Systems are designed with ease of use in mind and have the most comprehensive range of controllers. Leading the Control Systems is the IC System, (where the decoder is integrated with the solenoid), then the Cirrus (4000 decoder addresses & unlimited holes), Nimbus II (1500 decoder addresses & 54 holes), Stratus II (700 decoder addresses & 27 holes), Stratus LT (300 decoder addresses & 18 holes) & ESP-LXD, (200 decoder addresses).

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Mains powered controllers start with the ESP-LX (8 to 32 stations),ESP (4 -13 stations) and STP (4, 6, or 9stations). For battery powered controllers Rain Bird has the WP (1, 2,4,6 or 8 stations).