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Rain Bird Irrigation

Rain Bird is committed to being at the leading manufacturers for the sports turf and landscape industries.

Rain Bird Sprinklers:

Rain Bird offer the complete range of sprinklers. With the Eagle range for the Golf course, a comprehensive range of sprinklers for the sports pitch/large turf and for the landscape, they have a range of small gear drive and sprays that are match precipitation (apply water evenly whilst watering different arcs). Then for flower beds and hedgerows they have micro sprinklers and drip line.

Rain Bird Valves:

Rain Bird have the PEB and PGA valve for the sports turf and commercial applications and the DV, Jar Top valves for the residential markets. Each valve range is built for their respective markets with many unique features.

Rain Bird Controllers:

Rain Bird with the most comprehensive ranges of control systems for the golf market, sports turf and landscape, Rain Bird control systems will have a solution that fits your requirements. Additionally they have comprehensive range of weather stations and remote control systems which helps the operation of larger systems.