Advice and Design

We at TCR Irrigation believe that the key to a successful irrigation system is in ensuring that both parties fully understand what is required. TCR not only provides a tailor-made system, but really cares for its customers.

When we advise you on irrigation, understanding your values is vital. This understanding enables us to select the right products for you. This means that your turf is watered effectively and efficiently. Efficiency provides flexibility in operation and produces low running costs..

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Firstly we discuss where and what needs to be watered, and if appropriate conduct a survey. Then we advise you of the products available, and at this stage discuss a budget price, before we design the system. By the time we leave, you will have a full understanding of what is required, as well as the running costs.

After discussing the products which will best suit your needs, we consider a design overview, with sprinkler positions, pipe routes, pumps and tank locations. All products offer different installation techniques, and you decide which is best for you.

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